photo gallery I (construction phase) 
basic framework (October 2000) basic framework (November 2000) construction of a plywood ramp
(December 2000)
the (later) hidden level is completed (January 2001)  begin of surface-level constructions
(February 2001)
board of the station area can be opened for maintenance
(February 2001)
gras between tracks
(March 2001)
gras and ballast (April 2001) landscape I (April 2001) landscape II (April 2001)
east side of the station (July 2001) the later suburb (September 2001) the tramway line (September 2001) main street and tramway
passing through the later suburb
the 'Julius-Leber-Bridge' crossing
the eastern head of the main station
first buildings of the suburb
are erected (October 2001)
streets and tramway track 
of Plaunitz downtown
(January 2002)
details of a tramway - street 
crossing in an early stage
(January 2002)
first buildings rose around 
Jacob's Church 
in Plaunitz downtown
(January 2002)
the municipial park
(March 2002)
the ruins of the old castle
(April 2002)
Train station 'Waldpleis' and a railway crossing with a lane
(May 2002)
New switches and crossings were installed preparatory to the extension of the hidden level
(September 2002)
movable basic framework 
of station district
(November 2002)
extended hidden level
(January 2003)
connection between old and new (movable) part of hidden level
(January 2003)
attachment of the movable module
(January 2003)
alignment of tramway prolongation
(February 2003)
station district in construction
(February 2003)
intermediate stage of station district
(April 2003)

The district court building and the tramway track bed
(May 2003)

last modified 26 December 2005